Friday, 27 December 2013

Passion for Testing

Passion for Testing

Regardless of what some may think, software testers need strong analytical and problem solving skills. But what is most essential for a great tester is the passion for testing. It is well quoted “if you do not like testing your product, most likely your customer won’t like testing it either”. Passion for testing is nothing but the passion for breaking things. Doesn’t that sound good enough to make testing fun and challenging?

 Along with passion there are some little things that makes one an excellent tester. Your desire and ability to learn matters- be a continuous learner. Your ability to contribute in the project and excel in your work depends on keeping up with the ever increasing knowledge base and ever expanding skill set. And always be prepared and confident to apply your knowledge and skill in your work whenever the situation demands.

Developing a critical mindset is also important for a good tester. Never ever assume things, but always question. Check everything and expect the unexpected- it never hurts to be a little pessimistic! Always think of “what-if” scenarios. Be a perfectionist and demand for better product. A common statement always said to a tester is “test from the customer point of view”. But I would suggest a tester to consider himself as the customer who paid for the product. You will definitely end up finding more bugs!

No doubt, the aim of testing is to find defects. But the way you report the bug is also important. A bug report should be an accurate, concise, thoroughly-edited, well-conceived, high quality technical document. Also, master the skill of writing a diplomatic bug report. You need to be politely blunt- tell people what you think – tactfully. And most importantly never be hesitant to admit your mistakes.
A tester is the first person who should realize the importance of testing and create this awareness among others. 

You should understand that testing is the first step towards quality. High quality products are recognized and appreciated everywhere. It is always obvious that quality and productivity go hand in hand. Higher quality leads to higher productivity. So dear testers, you are the one who can make the difference.

So next time, the moment you get an application to test, start your treasure hunt. The treasure of bugs is always hidden and will appear at places where you do not see them easily. Make bug hunting a fun.  I recently got a chance to read an incident narrated by a passionate tester who broke an ATM machine when he went to withdraw money. Out of his curiosity he inserted his expired card into the machine and the machine hanged- forever. Though the fellow users were frustrated and disgusted, the tester in him was delighted because he was successful in breaking the machine! Testing was no longer his career, but has become his habit. Once you cultivate this habit in you, you become an excellent tester no matter who says what.

The Art in Software testing

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